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Film Discussion: Favorite Underrated Horror

Author’s Note:  “It’s been awhile since the last review.  Creativity ran stale, redundancy set in, and posts went extinct…until coming across fellow blogger Rupert Pupkin Speaks and his excellent ‘Favorite Underrated Horror’ series.  The past two months, he’s invited several guests … Continue reading

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Guest Film Review: Organ (1996)

As I mentioned last month, ever since I stumbled upon Ronny Carlsson and Preston Carnell’s wonderful site FilmBizzaro, I have held a huge desire to write for them.  Conversations between Ronny and myself resulted in an invitation to do two … Continue reading

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Film Review: Upcoming Guest Reviews at FilmBizzaro

I requested and was invited by FilmBizzaro.com’s Ronny Carlsson to write two guest reviews for their site.  They are a independent/exploitation/extreme genre-based film review site with production and releasing credits to their name (Recompence, Dust Box, The Joseph Larsen Collection).  Collectively, we decided upon my providing reviews for … Continue reading

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