Film News: “Hello boys, I’m baaaack!”

After a near two-year absence, full of twists and turns, I am happy to announce my return to the wild west of blogging cyberspace!

Unfortunately, a return to my site bears good and bad news…
First, the bad.  I have had fans and even directors alike reach out regarding the abrupt shutdown of a wonderful site called The Conduit Speaks, one I read, wrote for and still miss to this day. “What happened??!!” Without going into too much detail, basically some unknown hacker deciding his random target one day was going to be an innocent genre film website and literally took it down to the point of non-recovery. Like Dorothy being swept from her home by the tornado, one could only imagine the frustration of losing years of your precious hard work putting together online content while building up a pretty sizable subscriber base in the process. Therefore, it was not surprising to hear that the site owner ultimately decided against a rebuild.

Once again, I became a free agent writer. While I must stress I never, ever wished for TCS to be shut down, the catastrophic event became an odd blessing in disguise. Sadly, the burning passion to write had started to wane by that point. I became both the disengaged student and burnt-out teacher: dreading class for fear of a new homework assignment and tired of having to drum up a new lesson plan. So I took a leave of absence, as it will. My mental muscles needed retraining on how to enjoy watching films and not create analysis exercises out of their viewing. With hundreds of identical online sites hosting similar content on the exact same ‘it’ films of the week (The Babadook), even The Dissolve’s ‘dissolve’ is not so surprising after all.


So if that’s the bad news, and let’s face it…it is really bad, then what’s the good news? Well, as stupid as the saying goes, sometimes you just have to get back on the horse that threw you. I’ve tossed around various ideas for how to return, mostly consisting of egotistical methods to try and ‘reinvent’ analysis, all of which will probably forever remain inside this cranial cavity of mine. For now, it’s simpler and probably most constructive to at least wave and say hello. I am well, thanks for asking, and my hope is that you all are, too. I will be posting semi-regularly with more emphasis on analysis, wit, humor, and opinion. Sounds political (it’s not), but hey…everyone’s got one.

– R.K.

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