Introduction / Opening Credits

Movies have always been an escape of sorts, ninety-minutes removed from reality, which plugs us into character’s physical, emotional and psychological world.  In fact, watching movies engage much more of our senses than reading or talking.

According to statistics, one in three people view at least one film per year.  In the U.S. alone, each person averages 5.4 movie theater admissions annually (the Blu-Ray and digital television formats are actually contributing to a decline in cinema attendance).  Residing in the Internet age, movie blogs are popular and prevalent, credited with marketing small-budget, independent films via critical acclaim (2007’s Paranormal Activity, for example) or critical of film critics themselves (Armond White, anyone?).  If nothing else, they serve an importance for providing a variety of opinion on a staple medium in modern culture.

I am no novice as it relates to film review.  Since 2010, I have written four analysis on my HubPages blog, with two more in development.  When writing, I prefer to examine a film as the sum of it’s parts: What is the big picture? What is the message conveying? How does the film portray people or objects? Why is this important? How effective is the end result? Think of it as a big puzzle.  Roger Ebert posted this article a few years ago on how to analyze film.

WordPress will be an outlet for a broader range of writing.  First, I would like to write reviews for newly released films, either to theaters or DVD.  Most people search for, and prefer to read about, recent films.  This helps me get out to see movies more often and lends me some traffic (audience) to my blog.  Second, take analysis to a new level by cross-examining two similar genre films.  Third, hold a ‘discussion’ or ‘debate’ where I analyze a film’s success — or failure — due to media coverage.  So many films are dismissed early on, only to later become critically acclaimed or gain a cult following.

Currently, I own over 300 DVD’s spanning decades of cinema.  My top five films of all-time are as follows:  Martyrs (2008), Oldboy (2003), Casino (1995), Fight Club (1999), and Requiem For A Dream (2000).  These films all had some varying effect on me as a viewer, which makes them stand out above others (although, not able to necessarily recommend all of them to anyone, however).

Until next week…happy viewing!

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One Response to Introduction / Opening Credits

  1. Chris says:

    Nice blog. Is it bad that I want to go to the new ‘Underworld’ movie just to see Kate Beckinsale in leather?

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